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Reverse Engineer Gears

When a gear fails there is seldom a replacement available "off the shelf" which is where Redditch Gears can help. Customers can rely on our huge experience in being able to re-create broken gears.

In some instances people turn up with the broken gear in the boot of their car, other times they request we go out on site to inspect the gear in situ, or another option could be we pick the gear up in one of our delivery / collection vehicles.

Time is of the essence

Time usually is of the essence and it can be the case that we create a temporary "soft gear" to get you up and back in production sooner rather than later, whilst a full specification gear is manufactured.

In some instances it is possible to re-rim a gear back to standard.

It is sometimes possible (and very economical) in larger pairs of gears, to re-rim the largest of the pair and then manufacture complete a new small gear which is designed to run on the existing centres.

Each job is different but one thing which you can be sure of is that the huge range of machines at our disposal means that Redditch Gears can tackle pretty well any gear production job, saving you time and money.