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Here you will find a selection of question and answers, of course no list could answer every question so please do contact us with your enquiries.

Gear Manufacturing
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you make bespoke gears?

A. Yes, from quantities of one upwards to around a thousand per year is our typical market area.

Q. Do we stock gears?

A. No, all gears are made to order, but we can hold stock on behalf of a customer subject to negotiation. Redditch Gears welcome Kanban production agreements.

Q. Do we make car gears as a one off?

A. No, but with a few exceptions (if you require a new gear box contact your dealer - salvage yard). However, where it is a classic car and there is not a dealer or salvage yard option, then yes Redditch Gears have, and do supply classic car parts and gears for off road vehicles.


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