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helical gear being cut on one of our many helical machinesRedditch Gears supply production runs of gears to meet customers needs and with a careful eye for detail. Every effort is made to ensure that deliveries are on time, every time.


In some instances we work with our end customers in the following way. A total quantity of gears required for the coming year is agreed, including  the most suitable delivery schedule for the customer. A minimum level of finished stock to be held at Redditch is also agreed. This finished stock can provide very important cover for any unforeseen circumstances, and guarantees that 100% delivery times are always achieved. The price per component is kept very competitive due to increased batch quantities manufactured. The net result of this agreement is very much a "win-win" situation for both companies.

New Gear Production Enquiries Welcome

If you would like to explore setting up such a production arrangement please do contact us, typical production runs can be from a few dozen to many thousands of units per year.


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